Reasons to have a Spa Session

Why you need a Spa Session?

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Why you need a spa session

Every day feels like it’s the same. We get up to the harsh blare of an alarm clock, rush to get ready for work, rush to drop the kids off at daycare, and stress about whether we will be late or not as we sit in morning traffic. Most of our days are a hectic blur through the work week, and during the weekend we rush to get household chores done before the work week begins again.

Breaking this pattern can feel like a calm oasis in the middle of the desert, and give us a refreshing break from the daily grind of work and home life. It’s easy to think of a spa session as an unnecessary luxury, but when we look at how many serious diseases are caused merely from stress alone, it suddenly doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Here are some other essential reasons to book that appointment soon.

Improve your skin health

The world is harsh on our skin. From sun exposure to clogged pores, treating our skin poorly can result in everything from wrinkles to acne. A facial can help exfoliate dead skin away, unclog those pours, and give your skin a chance to breathe again. Taking care of your skin will help you look younger and feel better too.

Hello, detox!

Most of us have heard of detoxing and may have done a juice cleanse or drank special tea to help flush toxins out of the body. A spa treatment can help rid your body of toxins too with a 2-in-1 full body mud wrap or perhaps an intensely moisturizing treatment. You’ll feel more relaxed and have done your body a service all at the same time.


Taking a little me time is a beautiful way to put aside your troubles and exist in the moment. A couple of pleasant hours being taken care of, instead of the other way around, can go a long way towards our mental well being. While you’re there, you can get a message to help work out all those knots you got from sitting in those hours of traffic.


As the world becomes more and more digital, we spend far more time than we should in front of screens. This may seem relatively innocuous at first, but too much time with our phones and computers can be extremely detrimental to our health. Excess time on social media can make us feel worse about ourselves, as we see all the good times had by our friends (and none of the bad things happening 5 minutes later, off camera.) It can also cause lack of sleep and dozens of other issues.

Putting down the phone and just being in the moment can be as relaxing a getaway as a real vacation, and you may come away feeling even more rested than you realize. If it has been a while since you spent time taking care of yourself, consider booking yourself a trip to Crystal Rose Lodge & Spa today. You’ll come away feeling healthier, looking fresher, and with enough energy to tackle your life once again.

Give yourself a perfect treat – some “me time” for yourself, to unwind your inner self and give your health an ideal jumpstart. If you are looking for a reliable spa service in Johannesburg, don’t forget to take a look at our one of a kind services designed to help you relax, Click Here. We offer 100% customized services that meet (and even exceed) all your expectations.

Are you ready to pamper yourself? Get ready for a spa session with Crystal Rose Lodge!